Our Story

Another Best Day was founded with a simple idea:

to serve as a consistent reminder to make the most of every day.

We believe that we choose our thoughts the same way that we choose our clothing. When we choose to embrace each day’s potential, positivity, and energy, we hold the key to our own contentment and happiness. With these thoughts, we relish the pursuit, enjoy the effort, and wholly commit to making every day Another Best Day.

In 2009, we met while volunteering in La Chureca, Nicaragua, a trash dump community in Managua. We were fast friends, sharing a range of emotions over the course of our time in La Chureca. Moment to moment, we saw a slice of the world’s most tragic despair, then witnessed the ability of people to find exuberance, humanity, and hope amidst unparalleled life challenges.

While waiting at the airport for our flights home, we talked about the fact that our lives had changed. We had always been positive, optimistic people, but something was different: we had gained a deeper clarity of our world and we did not want to lose that feeling.

Another Best Day started as a blog where we could share thoughts and good news, while creating a community of people who felt the same way about the world. Soon, we found ourselves posting words, pictures, and videos from others, ABDers who wanted to share their stories. Wanting a way to wear our worldview, we created products that allowed others to carry our positive message into the world.

We started small and kept it simple, growing ABD with deliberate patience. We’ve found ourselves amidst a blossoming community of those who are all pursuing Another Best Day in their own, unique ways. This desire to share good news has expanded our content, with stories, videos and thoughts expressed on the site from writers all over the world. These ABDers seek adventure and joyful moments with their words and posts, hoping to find kindred spirits in those who choose to visit our site.

Our goods have also been designed to be part of your story. The designs are inspired by our collective experiences traveling, meeting new people, learning constantly, and enjoying those moments when home becomes the most beautiful destination of all.

We wholeheartedly believe that today is a unique chance for you to make it Another Best Day.

Dave and Brett
Another Best Day